HP Technical Solutions

HP Technical Solutions As HP Technical Service, we have numerous technical solutions, everything is to offer you the service you deserve.

HP Technical Solutions HP Technical Solutions If we explain some of them;

1. The faulty sockets of your laptops and notebooks are mostly not covered by the warranty as user errors. You can take advantage of our Socket / Port / Cable Exchange service.
2. Hinges are parts that connect laptop and notebook screens to the chassis. It is very difficult to use the device in cases such as breakage, cracking or hardening. We have hinge replacement service.
3. Laptop computers, which are sensitive devices in structure, may have serious malfunctions in the upper and lower case of accidents such as impact and fall. If you encounter such a problem thanks to our case exchange service, you can come to us without thinking.
4. We provide upgrade service to ensure that our computers operate for a long time without losing efficiency and performance.
5. Keyboards are one of the most vulnerable parts of our laptops and notebooks, we provide keyboard replacement service upon contact with liquid.
6. Regular notebook maintenance helps to increase the efficiency and performance of your device while helping you to have a longer life, and you can get maintenance service from us.
7. The fans in your device prevent the device from remaining at stable temperature and poor performance, and periodic maintenance and cleaning should not be neglected. Our fan replacement or maintenance service meets this requirement.